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Illustrate Your Shared Vision

“Like any new organization, we wanted to get off to a great start when we initially took office and develop a clear vision that would guide our work. Alchemy Strategy Group helped us focus our initial thinking and guided the development of the Mayor’s new vision of delivering a world-class city where everyone matters”
Communications Chief, City Government

If you want your people to better understand company decisions, organizational change, and resource allocation, you’ll want to engage your team in creating a compelling and inspirational vision of what’s possible.

We help you find a shared vision that will increase efficiency and reduce workplace conflicts. How? By including everyone in a simple process that gets to the core of why their work matters. Our Alchemists will catalyze your people’s aspirations by organizing their stories into a vision that will remain vital for the long term.

We will also generate a high-impact visual reminder—in the form of an illustrated strategy roadmap—of each team member’s inspiration, commitment and new role in the shared vision. Why? Alchemy Strategy Group’s use of illustrations and animations (see this example by Alchemist Alece Birnbach for AVID, a college readiness system) make that story uniquely effective and sustainable because the pictures keep your people emotionally connected to the ideas and data in the vision. Visuals also help people remember what they learned and what they are accountable for. A picture is indeed worth a thousand words.

If all this seems arduous, it’s not. Our team will help you land on a clear picture in just a few hours. This is not a feel-good exercise that ends when our consultant exits the room. We will also help you develop a strategic implementation plan to make your shared vision a reality.