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Create Your Strategic Implementation Plan

“Lasting execution is the ability to seize opportunities aligned with strategy while coordinating other parts of the organization on an ongoing basis – including staying agile and fostering peer-to-peer interactions to drive collaboration and cooperation.” Harvard Business Review March 2015

We partner with you after the strategic direction and vision are solid to identify the people in your organization who will make it happen. The resulting “success insurance team” acts like the conductor of an orchestra, knowing how all the people and resources must come together to produce an exceptional, stirring piece of work.

We then work with you to identify just how you can catapult the organization toward your goals and new peaks of performance. Drawing upon tested Balanced Scorecard concepts, we develop targets and plans in at least four broad categories that help guide the development of a sustainable strategy.

    Revenue, expense, profit margin, goals
    Satisfaction, acquisition, retention
    Efficiency of internal systems, product development, etc.
    Human capital development, internal culture goals, and more

The vision, strategy and business experiences that we create with you will be effective as they include plans for communication, follow-up, accountability and clear ownership. That’s how we turn your good ideas into a success story.

Of course, Alchemy Strategy Group is always available for tune-ups and check-ins, but our goal is to leave you with a plan that can be implemented by your team. Our belief is that long-term growth is best established when it is integrated into the structure of the organization rather than coming from a rotating cast of outside consultants.