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Strategic Planning

Alchemy Strategy Group excels at combining business strategy with visual roadmaps that engage teams, divisions, and companies in identifying and realizing the futures they want. We work with you to set a shared vision and strategic implementation plan that:


  • Synthesizes, prioritizes and visualizes your initiatives
  • Inspires and engages your treasured people
  • Drives organizational results

We believe the answers to your business challenges are to be found right in the room, among your employees and leaders. We will help elicit the core issues and then focus on guiding you to the decisions that prepare you for the future. Our facilitation techniques create a relaxed and open platform where teams share their ideas, develop plans and ask relevant questions, and where together we can uncover the best ways to implement change.

Unlike other consultants, we are invested in making sure your vision for the future becomes a reality. We will leave you with both an illustration of your shared vision—to help everyone stay on track—and a strategic implementation plan—outlining your strategic direction and how to execute. With both in hand, your organization will have a clear guide for all future decisions.

Read more about our approach to strategic visioning and strategic implementation plans, or get to know our team of consultants.