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Retreat Facilitation

A company retreat is not a mere extravagance and it’s much more than a chance for employees to have fun and relax. A company retreat is an excellent opportunity to create employee engagement that will power your organization through the coming year. A retreat is also the perfect environment in which to come together as a cohesive unit and strategically plan for the year ahead.

Leaders know that running and facilitating their own retreats is not only labor-intensive but bars them from focusing and participating. Employing a neutral third-party as a retreat facilitator is the better solution. The more leaders can themselves engage in the retreat, the more likely successful outcomes become.

Alchemy Strategy Group has been helping leaders and their teams walk away from their retreats restored and focused on the essentials for over 20 years. We deliver on your outcomes and make it seem easy. Plus you leave with a visual reminder of the important decisions that you and your team aligned on, ensuring follow-through from the entire team or organization.