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Strategic Planning Services, Our Holistic Method

Executive Coaching & Team Development

Executive Coaching

Our coaches want you to operate with full bars – all the time – and we work to keep you performing at your best. We focus on the future with our clients while we address behaviors that may be keeping leaders from making the most of their professional potential. We believe in professional and personal development. To that end, we help our clients build their awareness, enthusiasm, commitment and contribution to work that matters to them. Alchemy Strategy Group’s highly seasoned coaches will test your courage, insist on commitment, invite you out of your comfort zone to explore the unknowns and become more effective while expanding your influence. They work with a broad set of tools pulled from neuro science, quantum physics, epigenetics and neuro linguistic programming.

“Fully engaged physicians were 26% more productive than their less engaged counterparts, which amounts to an additional $460,000 on average in patient revenue per physician per year.”


Health Care Leadership Academies

We care deeply about the current state of health care and frankly are upset by the forecasts that the “system” could bankrupt the U.S. in the next 20 years. Because we specialize in engagement, we know that during this crucial time the ability of physicians and other health care team members to persevere is imperative.

We aim to ensure that all health care leaders are involved in making decisions about clinical or administrative policy, that they get the resources and support they need to provide the highest quality care and that their personal health and well-being is paramount.

Strategic Planning Consultation
Strategic Visioning, Engage Your Whole Team

Strategic Visioning

Everyone who participates in an Alchemy Strategy Group session will leave with a high-impact visual reminder of his or her inspiration, commitment and new role.

Why? Visuals help people remember what they learned and what they are accountable for. A picture is indeed worth a thousand words.

The vision, strategy and business experiences that we create with you will be effective when they include plans for communication, follow-up, accountability and clear ownership. That’s how we turn your good ideas into a success story.

Alchemy Strategy Group’s use of illustrations and animations (see this example by Alchemist Alece Birnbach for AVID, a college readiness system) make that story uniquely effective and sustainable because the pictures keep your people emotionally connected to the ideas and data in the vision.

Facilitated Strategic Planning by our Consultants

“Among the tribes of northern Natal in South Africa, the most common greeting, equivalent to “hello” in English, is the expression Sawu bona. It means “I see you”. If you are a member of the tribe, you likely reply by saying Sikhona, “I am here”. The order of the exchange is important: until you see me, I do not exist. It’s as if, when you see me, you bring me into existence.”

Lois Todd

Alchemy Strategy Group Founder

Skilled Facilitation

Creative thinking and participation in an Alchemy Strategy Group session is key to developing the kind of plans that will move your organization forward. Our facilitation techniques help your people feel relaxed and open, which encourages sharing and open thinking. We believe the answers to your business challenges are found right in the room. We create a platform where teams share their ideas, where people develop plans and ask relevant questions, and where together we uncover the best ways to implement change.

We ask deep and meaningful questions that elicit the core issues and then focus on guiding you to the decisions that prepare you for the future.