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Healthcare Leadership Academies

“Fully engaged physicians were 26% more productive than their less engaged counterparts, which amounts to an additional $460,000 on average in patient revenue per physician per year.”

ASG specializes in maximizing the leadership potential of already masterful clinicians and health care administrators. We accelerate their ability to lower costs while increasing quality and efficiency of care. Our goal is to be sure that all healthcare leaders are involved in making decisions about clinical or administrative policy, that they get the resources and support they need to provide the highest quality care, and that their personal health and well-being is considered.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires that health care leaders focus on:

  • Increased collaboration among health professions
  • Adoption and measurement of quality standards
  • Reporting performance to payers
  • Ease of access to information for consumers
  • Shared risk with Accountable Care Organizations

Alchemy Strategy Group will be your partner in fulfilling the ACA requirements, as well as help make your health care institution a functional and cooperative environment that puts patients first.

We tailor our programs to each institution’s needs. For example, we have built programs around existing change efforts that have gotten stuck for lack of physician involvement. Our techniques are proven. By investing in leadership development, the health care organizations we’ve worked with have seen the following returns on investment:

  • 3.7% reduction in cost per patient; $23 million annualized
  • 50% decrease in appointment scheduling times
  • 71% reduction in patients leaving without being seen during peak ER times (.7% vs. 2.4% national rate)
  • Overtime reduced from 55 hours a week to 9 hours: $93,000 annual savings
  • Reduced patient cancelations/no shows to 15%: $104,366 increase in annual revenue

Other outcomes of the program include:

Healthcare Leadership Academy Program Goals