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Executive Coaching

Do new roles or responsibilities require you to build new skills and roadmaps quickly? Do you need a smooth succession plan to leave your company in top shape? Is your organization so stuck that you can’t move your team toward your vision? At Alchemy Strategy Group, we believe that no matter your level — Director, VP or C-Level Executive — you can continue to develop leadership skills that will:

  • Bring about and accelerate first-rate results from your team
  • Communicate your vision for success in ways that inspire emotional connection and productivity
  • Break old habits and unproductive paradigms to propel progress

Our ‘Alchemists’ will work with you to unlock the knowledge and courage to become an entirely new leader armed with new approaches. Using insights from modern brain research—neuro-linguistic programming—plus proven executive coaching techniques, we uncover each leader’s “wiring” and provide the path to exceptional leadership. We show leaders how to communicate their vision by understanding the relationship between the brain, language and body and how to use that knowledge to engage employees fully.

Expect big shifts. You will learn:

  • When you may be reacting to competition and turf issues
  • How to model and foster joint decision-making
  • How to move from a programmatic to a systems-thinking approach
  • How to plan for your successor while continuing to develop your people
  • How to self-appraise quickly so you demonstrate confidence and unwavering resolve no matter the problem or situation
  • And how to evaluate what matters most in order to align both individual and team energy towards getting it done