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Alchemy Strategy Group’s CEO, Lois Todd, was published in the Denver Post. In the article, Lois discussed how Strategic Mapping can help employees have a voice in the company’s progress, as well as increase retention.

From the article:

Employees today scream for mercy from a boring lecture or a talking head. Fortunately, there’s a growing adoption of experiential, hands-on learning, where workers help to create and produce a product or task. And “visual mapping” falls right into that trend, engaging and interacting with employees.

Visual mapping helps companies, nonprofits, hospitals, government agencies and others to organize their sometimes-chaotic thoughts and plans into something that every employee can see: A picture that shows where they are today and want to go tomorrow. This visual approach acts like “success insurance,” providing a road map for an organization’s vision and strategy.

What are your company’s goals? Here are some probabilities:

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