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Picture this, says Lois Todd, CEO of the newly launched Alchemy Strategy Group.

Todd has decades of experience in helping companies to clarify their definition of success, create strategies to achieve outcomes and implement plans, ensure they get meaningful results, and most importantly, improve their operations and bottom line. One unique approach that acts like success insurance is their visual mapping process, which serves as a roadmap for and organization’s vision and strategy. Visuals often provide a better understanding of what has to be done than do written reports or classroom presentations.

The visual “maps” are more relatable and approachable – and therefore more effective for stimulating results, such as increased profitability, reduced turnover and higher job satisfaction rates.

Alchemy Strategy Group aims to help Colorado and global organizations thrive in an ever-changing business landscape, where leadership skills, strategic planning and vision mapping are competitive advantages. While the company is new, Alchemy Strategy Group’s proven methodology, expertise and results are well-established with its team’s 75 combined years of consulting in healthcare, government, nonprofit and private sectors.

Alchemy Strategy Group provides businesses with an expanded approach and holistic view of their organizations, using a blend of visual and practical strategies to guide today’s progressive, “visual” business culture. Through storytelling and new ways of thinking, organizations engage their leaders to solve problems with illustrative mapping.

“We find that organizations are searching for more meaningful and creative way to articulate their vision and strategies, and we never lose sight of the importance of aligning and connecting people. Visuals, as well as the metaphors we use to assist in telling a company’s story, cause an emotional connection to a company’s reason for being — and that translates into higher employee engagement and productivity, because people are psyched to work at a place that knows where they are going and has a plan to get there,” Todd said.

For example, Todd works with Children’s Hospital Colorado to help engage its physicians to become leaders during this time of rapid change in the healthcare industry. Through coaching, setting share vision and goals, she involves the hospital’s healthcare teams in establishing a course that focuses on multi-disciplinary care while fostering teamwork. Her unique approach has inspired physician commitment to support many of the hospital’s initiatives. Per a 2013 Gallop study: “The fully engaged physicians were 26 percent more productive than their less-engaged counterparts, which amount to an additional $460,000 on average in-patient review per physician per year.”

Other Alchemy Strategy Group clients include the City and County of Denver, State of Colorado, Galvanize, Kaiser Colorado and CHI Catholic Health Initiatives.

“Healthcare, government, nonprofit and private-sectors deal with complex problems and challenges every day, and it’s harder and harder for them to prioritize – especially as they are asked to do more with less. Alchemy Strategy Group helps break down complexity into simpler forms, like stories and maps, to help put a vision and a plan in place,” Todd said. “People need maps to understand where they are going, so why not ‘strategic maps’ for businesses?”

Alchemy Strategy Group gets its namesake from ancient chemists, or alchemists, who transformed base metal into gold – highlighting the new company’s goal to help organizations transform and ultimately “shine.” Among the firm’s services:

  • Strategic Visualization to create and implement an illustrative, animated “strategic plan/map”;
  • Employee Engagement to gain emotional commitment from employees for their organizations’ goals and success; and
  • Leadership Development to help leaders better communicate, solve problems and empower employees to do their work.
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