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Lois Todd Headshot

Lois Todd
Founder and CEO,
Alchemy Strategy Group

Strategic Planning That Drives Results

Alchemy Strategy Group specializes in guiding organizations through the process of defining and achieving sustainable success. CEO Lois Todd and her “Alchemists”—a diverse group of strategic planning consultants, organizational performance experts and executive coaches—help organizations clarify their strategic direction with visual roadmaps, before developing the leaders and implementation plans necessary to realize their envisioned futures.

Our expertise in increasing employee engagement and developing effective leaders results in metrics that matter—increased profitability, efficient operations and higher job satisfaction rates. ASG works with healthcare organizations, non-profits, foundations, government and private sector groups and boards to find ideas that work for their unique teams and leaders.

According to a Harvard Business Review study: only 22% of respondents reported having a leader who “communicates a vision that is clear, consistent, and inspiring.”  Those who did, however, reported 65% higher engagement, 82% higher job satisfaction, and a 1.3 times greater likelihood to stay with the organization.
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Strategic Planning

We work with you to set a shared vision, strategic direction and execution plan that synthesizes, prioritizes and visualizes your initiatives, in order to inspire and engage both leaders and employees. And we leave you with a visual roadmap to keep everyone on track and help guide future decisions.

Executive Coaching

We believe in professional and personal development, especially for executives, as an organization’s success is guided by the effectiveness of its leaders. To that end, we specialize in helping leaders address behaviors that may be keeping them from making the most of their professional potential and the work before them.